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Information about our producer: HEKTAS

Updated: May 30, 2020

You can learn about the history of producer company and their R&D operations which is proved by certifications.


Hektas was established in 1956 in Adana with the savings of doctors, pharmacists, chemists and engineers to manufacture and sell pharmaceuticals. Due to the high market shares of the local and foreign companies in pharmaceutical sector, the company began manufacturing and marketing agrochemicals to meet market demand and established the first production facility in 1962 in Istanbul.

OYAK – one of Turkey’s biggest conglomerates with 370 thousand members and more than 31 thousand employees – has nearly 90 subsidiaries operating in the sectors like Mining Metallurgy, Cement Concrete Paper, Automotive Logistics, Finance, Chemistry Agriculture, Service and Energy. OYAK has participated in Hektas in 1963 and became the majority shareholder of Hektas with 53,8% shares in 1981. After the partnership, Hektas shares started to be traded publicly in 1981 and were listed in Istanbul Stock Exchange in 1986.

The facility settled in Istanbul became unable to respond to the needs as a consequence of Hektas's leading position in agrochemical industry over the years. Therefore, it was moved to a modern facility with high production capacity settled in Gebze Organized Industrial Site in 1991 in Kocaeli.

Through its strong brand recognition, sector leadership, widespread sales and distribution network in the scope of agriculture sector, Hektas established Animal Health Department in 2005 and Plant Nutrition and Seed Departments in 2017.

Hektas has reached a wide range of portfolio including more than 250 plant protection products compatible with the crop range and ecological structure of our country, 50 plant nutrition products and more than 40 animal health products. Hektas markets and sells its plant protection products through its regional directorates established in Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Izmir and Sanliurfa.

Hektaş, while developing its product range, gives special attention to the products which is in accordance with the sustainable agriculture practices and growers’ needs and expectations with offerings that respect human, the environment and nature. Within the scope of R&D activities to develop innovative products, improvement of plant protection product formulation is essential for the company. Hektas also has strategic partnerships with global plant protection and plant nutrition companies.

Hektas holds ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System certificates. Our certificates determine the quality of the systems that Hektas reached in the scope of production, facility and design steps.

With the motto of “PIONEER OF SMART AGRICULTURE”, Hektas is the leading company in the scope of plant protection, plant nutrition, seed and animal health products with its sustainable agriculture practices applied in Turkey. The company will continue to provide services by increasing its support to Turkish agriculture with its modern production facilities with high production capacity, strong infrastructure, logistics and technical service supported by internationally recognized certificates and standards.



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